13 Puzzle Rooms

Do you know why you're stuck here? From now on, I will give you the basics you need to escape from here. Although it might be difficult, I think you are capable of doing it. However, the previous entrant did not persevere long enough, and met his end here. Don’t let this happen to you. This locked door is only the smallest part of the trials you will have to face. So don’t give up easily!
  • vendor: Gameday Inc.
    • Android 9.0 (Pie) / v1.006 (1920x1080)
    • size: 95.2MB

Glow Puzzle PRO

It is an advance version of GLOW PUZZLE with difficult puzzles. Challenging puzzles for beginners and easy job for a proficient player. Challenge your friends in TIME-MODE and solve maximum puzzles in given time.

Puzzle 2

Puzzle 2 - the next evolution of award winning Sky Box - is a fun and interactive game that will train your wits, logic and strategic skills! Play tons of addictive puzzles, as each level gets even more trickier. You can also test your skills by choosing the Random Play of levels...

Slide Puzzle

Slide Puzzle is a brand-new mobile Java puzzle game with high resolution puzzle images, smooth gameplay and fully supportive of touch screen. Slide the pieces on the board and place the tiles in order. You will find the life on your screen. Slide Puzzle consists of a frame of squ...

Sexy Puzzle 2

You love blondes with hot curves? Then get the fantastic and arousing Sexy Puzzle! Find the matching pieces to recover hot pictures of gorgeous girls. Watch them later as slideshow in your own photo gallery. Endless hours of erotic fun are waiting for you! Determine the number of...

Sexy Puzzle 1

Stay cool and find the matching pieces to complete the pictures of hot babes.

Puzzle Runner

Save Brave Dave is a puzzle runner based on interaction with the environment. You will use various devices and objects while running that will help you or hinder your progress. Are you able to reach the finish and find out where Brave Dave is so eager to get?

Toon Puzzle Quest


Puzzle Box

This is a logic puzzle game where you can move, drop or swap the boxes to make them disappear. You have to match at least three of the same boxes in a row or column to make them go away. Column to make them go away.

Puzzle Fit

Puzzle Fit - place the parts of the puzzle in the correct order and fill all free space. Try to complete all available levels maximum fast and earn many stars.