2 Ways

Two roads, two cars and 4 lanes is all it takes in this fantastic arcade game, to guarantee tons of fun for hours. Each road has two lanes and with a single tap or click you decide on which of these lanes the car should go. It's your responsibility to avoid any obstacles, but to make sure to pick up the stars that occasionally appear on the street. How far can you make it, until you make one of the cars crash or you miss a star? Find out now and play 2 Ways!
  • vendor: SOFTGAMES
    • Android 2.3.0-2 / v1.0 (1920x1080)
    • size: 8.1MB

3D Mystic Ways

Complicated structure, as the fantasy of unknown artist, hanging among the stars, in the deep space. Jumping ball on it - fast, cold, searching it's way to the far glimmering teleport. The traps on his way - mines, ices, saws, invisible parts of structure and dead ends,


Seven Days is a text adventure game enjoyable for all audiences, with uniquely styled illustrations. The game proceeds as a series of chats, and users read through the story as they make important decisions. The choices made determine the route the story takes.


Brain and skill trainer for your mobile device! Connect all same colored dots by creating a path between them! You have to combine all of them without crossing the path, so think wisely and solve all puzzles!

One Hundred Ways

100 (115!) tricky levels to solve One Hundred Ways. The goal - to make the ball reach its goal - sounds simple - but it is not! To solve the levels, there are some tools available. Sometimes one needs to think outside the box to overcome obstacles. In December the game got a 15 l...


Guide the cube through the long way full of dangers and difficulties, visit many interesting and mysterious places. Mechanics of the game are concentrated around different types of interaction with the obstacles. Some of them are: finding correct spot to overcome the obstacles, b...

2 Blox Away!

Expand and conquer all the blox or match all the blox, your choice !

Santa Way Out

Santa Way Out is the best puzzle game of the snow winter season in which you have to help Santa to escape from the snowman land. Santa has to go to deliver gifts to kids but he has been trapped inside the snowman land and needs your help to get out of the place. There are 25 chal...

Blow your Way

Challenge yourself, defend your cargo and snipe out of existence anything that stands in your way.

Pac Wars

If you are looking for classic retro games of the early 80s, it's just right here. Pac is on his way home, when some evil one eyed balls are trying to catch him. To find your way home just eat all the dots to reach the next stage. Avoid the one eyed evil balls, challenge you...