Explore the world as a magician wielding the power of arithmetic. Practice your addition, subtraction, division and multiplication skills by casting, flipping and combining all of your math spells to defeat enemies. Improve your wizard's skills to defeat tougher and tougher enemies as you progress. Customize the spells you use in your spell book, a tool allowing you to pick and choose your favourite math spells!
  • vendor: Gooble Games
    • Android 8.0 (Oreo) / v1.0.0 (1920x1080)
    • size: 61.5MB


Gather falling spheres of same colours together in groups of 3 or more until they covered all the gameboard. As soon as they collected spheres disappear and you receive your deserved points. Best players will enjoy watching beatiful anime characters drawn by talented anime artist...

Magic Carpet

Jafar tried to win Princess Jasmine' s heart but was rejected. Being angry and dissappointed, evil-minded Jafar is now holding Princess Jasmine captive. Aladdin needs Genie' s help to save Princess Jasmine. But first Genie has to pass the Cave of Wonders. Could Genie ge...

Magic Garden

Grab your magic wand and discover the world of Magic Garden! Strain your brain and find your way through the mysterious gardens in this exiting puzzle adventure. Fight the obstacles of all 4 seasons and show who is the real master wizard. Easy to play, but hard to master. It'...


Archmage is fantasy turn-based card trading game.

Magic Zum

"Magic Zum" - is fun gameplay, familiar rules and amazing graphics in the world In which You will have an interesting familiarity to Spirits of Forest, fairy forest, which is full of interesting puzzles and magic. You should to destroy the chain of colored balls - gathe...

Magic Mancy

Mancy, a mischievous little witch-in-training, has accidentally turned her teacher into an angry tabby cat! Help the young miss become a full-fledged witch by solving the puzzles that are scattered about the house, and search for the rest of her lessons. Can you help her graduate...

Magic Scale

How cool really is the guy on the street? Was your test paper a top or flop? Are you being lied to by your best friend? Magic Scale will answer any question, which you ask using the microphone of your mobile. Decide which scale you want to use and off you go!

Magic Inlay

This is a mobile version of the computer hit Magic Inlay from RealArcade PC, which was downloaded by more then 3 million people all over the world! This game is an exciting adventure during which you will need to explore and to conquer two unique fairy tale worlds which are inhab...

Gem Magic 2

GemMagic is a fast paced, simple and highly addictive board game. Simply swap adjacent gems to construct lines of 3 or more pieces to score points!