Battle for Korsun

January 1944. The German Army had their last toehold on the Dneiper River. This salient projected between two powerful Soviet army groups, the 1st and 2nd Ukrainian Fronts. Though weakened in their previous efforts against the Germans, on January 25th and 26th, these two powerful groups attacked and surrounded two German corps.
  • vendor: Lance Craner
    • Android 9.0 (Pie) / v1.0.7 (1920x1080)
    • size: 63.8MB

Battle for The River Kwai

You've been posted to keep watch over a new bridge that's being constructed over the river. Your men have toiled day in and day out working on this bridge and now have recaptured it from the enemy. Many lives have already been lost. The bridge is under constant threat a...

WWII: Battle for Europe

Take on ten missions that will decide the fate of the world, flying the most important airplanes of World War II. Bomb the German V-1 rocket bases in a B-17 Flying Fortress, fend off the waves of bombers heading for London with your P-51 Mustang, climb in your Spitfire Mk XIV to ...

Battle Fighter II

It is an action game which is an story based game it is a part of battle fighter where you have to fight with robots opponent & hurdles.

Battle for The White House

Ever dreamed of becoming U.S. President? There's no need to graduate from Yale or Harvard anymore! Just download Battle for the White House onto your cell phone and get ready to face or play all the top candidates in the race. Spice up the elections as you take part in the ...

Battle Fighter

Battle fighter is a series based game where you have to fight with many opponents & save your life to complete each game level.

Battle Tank

Cattle Punk

The year is 20xx. Milk has become one of the most efficient sources of energy in the galaxy. Enter the Robo Legion, Robotic overlords of zenmos prime, hellbent on stealing the Milk for themselves. The Robo Legion is set to take all of Earth's cattle, in turn, acquiring a lim...

Battle Killer T34 3D

Very difficult, a challenge, a long game! Everything can be destroyed: tanks, houses, walls, fences, trucks, bunkers, factories ... even trees can be reversed - all in real-time physics. Battle Killer T34. The Russian tank T34 was probably the most successful and mostly built tan...

Star Wars: Battle for The Republic

Fight for power and control of the galaxy in this all-new Star Wars multiplayer strategy game! Choose to fight for the Republic or support the Separatists as you deploy your armies and battle for control against your enemy. Strategically advance your troops, and build your army...