All ye who enter Denver via airplane must meet the penetrating glowing scarlet gaze of "Blucifer", the 32 foot tall blue mustang that defiantly guards the gateway to the Rocky Mountains.
  • vendor: good luck, have fun
    • Android 9.0 (Pie) / v1.0.4 (1920x1080)
    • size: 55.8MB


Dense fog will make it hard to see the Zombies. Slide underneath the Ravens and jump over the Zombies, trying to grasp your feet. But save the fairies or you will run blind and have to run in the dark. Only those with the best ears survive in this dark world and can save the fair...


Play your cards smartly and get rid of them to win. The opponent may try to fool you if you don't make smart moves or loosen your vigil.


Kniffel - is a game in which you will take turns in throwing dice till you get some certain amount of points. You can play alone against a computer as well as with your friends in the same mobile. Up to 4 players can play in one mobile. This is a simple game with beautiful graphi...


Meet the funny Shifters in your handset! They are pushing each other, jumping and smiling. But if three or more Shifters of the same color meet, they will explode! Rotate them into place to complete specific objectives. There are 4 game modes, 8 types of Shifters and numerous bon...


The definitive '80s arcade game is back! DEFENDER from EA Mobile! Defend your planet from alien abductors or face swarms of enemies in space if you lose. In Modern Campaign Mode, defend the galaxy with customizable ships and weapons upgrades. Move from rookie to captain as ...


A kingdom of beautiful mermaids live in the depths of the sea but a shadow of disaster threatens the underwater kingdom of love. Lots of spiteful sharks and other venomous beasts have bred all over the area. The last refuge of the sea beauties is now under threat of destruction. ...

Nightclub Fever

Get ready to host the ultimate parties! Run the hottest nightclubs in up to 6 top party cities across the globe – including London, Los Angeles, Tokyo & more! Customize the music, design and ambiance of your clubs to draw a top crowd! Plus, host up to 50 special events - set ...

Winners In Life

Try yourself as a fisherman but you should catch only specific kinds of fishes. Look for them very carefully because its not easy to find what you need in such a big amount of underwater creatures.

Summer Memo Hard Lucija