Bouncing Chick

The evil gorilla abducted your companions and they're waiting to be rescued. You must beat the powerful gorilla. Luckily, you are the only chick that can save the world! A super-addictive casual game. Easy to learn, hard to master! One-finger tap controls. Can the lovely chick beat the evil gorilla? Come and try, then come back and tell us about your achievements. Get rewards and buffs to help you jump farther. Beat the evil gorilla, now!
  • vendor: Handy-Games GmbH
    • Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) / v1.3 (1920x1080)
    • size: 44.7MB

Bouncing Pigs

It's time to watch pigs fly! Free the pigs as you match their colours together, launching them into groups of 3 or more, and racking up a high score. Clear all the pigs in order to proceed to the next stage! Just tap the screen and lob the pig into the droves.

BabeMachine: Bouncing Boobs

Busty beauties are just waiting for you and a quick game in between. Pull the lever and let the symbols spin. If you're lucky, you get the right combination and receive those treasured credits. With them, you strip off the girls - piece by piece… BabeMachine masterly combine...

Bounce Classic

Bounce Classic Full version. Here is the amazing and fantastic new touch version of the Bounce game from the good old mobile devices. You must role and bounce the ball throught the bunch of levels. Collect all items! Find the exit! Avoid any killing spikes. Share your current rea...

Go Chicken

Go Chicken constitutes a set of puzzles and is split into 60 levels of increasing difficulty. There are 150,000 unique puzzles, which guarantees that no two puzzles you encounter are ever the same. The application consists of simple yet challenging gameplay. Fling a chick along a...

Burping Chinese

Fancy some “Stinky Tofu”, “Duck Blood” or “Fish Lips”? The Chinese love these delicacies! You can now compile a special menu containing these tasty dishes. Choose a starter, a main dish, a side dish and a drink from the menu. Then comes the hour of truth; did our Chinese friend a...

Fly Chicken

Fly is a bird that got confused in its own thoughts. It is a chicken in truth, but it dreams to become a carrier pigeon. Help it pass all the levels, learn to avoid obstacles and fly for long distances. And when the learning is completed- pass the final exam.

Tuning Cars

Train your memory while playing Pairs. Everyone has played this game during their childhood. For more fun we have added extra three modes. Find all the pairs and compare your score with other players on the web.

Racing City

Play 3D Racing. It is one of our best Driving games. Car Simulator Arena. Top Speed 3D. Bring fast driving experience to a whole new level. Incredible slim size. This is a good game for a smartphone or tablet.