Dig Dog

Dig Dog is an action roguelike platformer. Dig to discover treasure, adventure and bones! Jump, dash, stomp and dig your way through a strange world inhabited by stranger creatures. Simple, expressive control scheme - Run, dig, drop, jump or dash using only three buttons! Also supports game controllers.
  • vendor: Noodlecake Studios Inc
    • Android 9.0 (Pie) / v1.0.0 (1920x1080)
    • size: 95.7MB

My Dog

Feed him, play with him, and nurture him everyday on your mobile! Make sure he's happy and take good care of him. But don't forget to take him out or you might find a nasty surprise waiting for you! Your puppy will develop his very own personality depending upon how you...

Disney Dogs

A whole brood of little electronic dogs from Disney cartoons in official game from the famous film studio. Big-eared and shaggy cartoon characters lick their masters, jump, run and have fun. They may play even nine mini-games and nineteen variants of them!

Dog City

In the second decade of the last century, in the dark areas of the City of the Dogs, the great boss Don Schmuck rules over the buying and selling of the forbidden drink "Dog Soda". All the thugs work for Don Schmuck, on the roof tops, in the stinking sewers and on the c...

1916 Dogfight

“Dogfight” is a 3d flight game that combines the simplicity of arcade action and the complexity of a traditional sim. It is your chance to become a pilot in the cabin of one of the 7 realistic and historically accurate aircraft and take part in grim sky battles of The First World...


Did you know that you can adopt the most adorable puppy, feed him, train him…and do all this on your mobile phone? That’s exactly what Dogz lets you do: keep your favorite pet with you constantly and play with him anytime, wherever you go! But not so fast…just like in reality, yo...

Super Dog

An action packed platform game starring an all new action hero – SUPER DOG! Play the cute canine crusader as he helps his friends out of sticky situations in this fun filled caper! NB Product features dependent on handset

Cute Dogs

Description missing...

Dog Hotel

Open your own dog hotel now! Look after all the doggies placed in your care. Granny Edith's poodle needs to lose some weight, beefy Lucky wants to join the fire department and little Lizzy wants to learn her first tricks.

Dig Dug Deluxe

You are DIGDUG, an intrepid gardener whose soil is infested with pesky Pookas and fire-breathing Fygars. You're armed with your trusty pump, which you can use to inflate your enemies until, finally, they blow up. But both the Pookas and Fygars can crawl through the ground an...