Disillusions Manga Horror

First person horror story, manga character art, 3D visuals and multiplayer.
  • vendor: StephenAllen
    • Android 9.0 (Pie) / v4.2 [PRO VERSION] (1920x1080)
    • size: 74.3MB

Virus Horror

A thrilling survival horror shooting game! You will experience intense and overpowering fear, knotty and mysterious quests, mighty and gorgeous weapons, and furthermore, complex and touching scenario. You go through a lifeless town, killing and surviving, with a fatal biochemical...

Horror Hypnosis

Horror hypnosis appears to let you relax with a soothing hypnosis... but beware! Activate the application and let the horror effect begin! At first, deactivate the horror effect and use the hypnosis feature yourself. Next, pass on the mobile phone to an unsuspecting subject and ...

Manga Dolls Hard

Manga erotic game. Only +18!

Mars Mission

Mars Mission - is a bright journey across the universe, during which you will need to destroy monsters and enemies. You will wander across space and fight against hordes of enemies. The better you fight with them, the farther you go.

Mirage: Illusions

Unique mind-bending perspective puzzle based on optical illusions. Play it to believe it! What would it be like if the physics of the world went about how you perceived things? Find out in this unusual spatial puzzle! Move the cube to the goal.

Hamster Mansion

Hamster Mansion is the coolest place for hamsters to hang out! There’s only one problem, Gophers own this section of town! Build the sweetest pad possible and don’t forget to make new friends... You’ll need them if you want to succeed! In this parody of gangster movies, face lose...

Commando Mission

Protect the Commando from being hit by bullets and ammunition of enemies. Fire bullets to destroy enemy soldiers and tanks in your way. Commando can Jump in Up, Forward or Backward direction. Also he can lay down on ground and can climb on ropes. Whenever a bullet hits commando, ...

Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? Music Edition

Think you're the master of music knowledge? Do you know your Meatloaf from your Madonna, or your Beyoncé from your Bono? Show your friends who is the music maestro in this great new version of 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?' The game includes hundreds of specially...

Chillingham Manor

An innovative puzzler featuring 45 challenging levels of color and symbol matching.Simple to play but highly engaging and replayable. Mr. Brightside, a rookie exorcist, is set to prove his mettle through various absorbing levels, take on the evil elites - a zombie, a wicked witch...