Dream Run

It is an addictive game-play, mostly for kids and also all other age groups with unique endless arcade running game play. Princess runs throughout the endless fantasy running path with eye catchy and attractive obstacles like pumpkins, subway tunnels, toy trees etc. Major role is to survive and cover the distance as much as you can. This game has got powerful and beautiful 3d environment with different kind of power up’s which makes you to engage for countless hours. Most effective part of this Dream Run Game is cute little princess run, Butterfly themed power-up and sound effects.
  • vendor: Dumadu Games
    • Android 8.1 (Oreo MR1) / v1.0 (1920x1080)
    • size: 22.9MB

Dunk Dream

Dunk Dream is a kind of Arcade games.Have you ever been impressed by the basketball game of NBA when you watch TV? When you saw Tracy McGrady or Ming Yao who are good at shooting did you admire that? This kind of arcade games will provide a chance to show your talent of shooting....

Farm Run

Dashing Dinga is been challenged by his friends to steal lots of mangoes and corns in highly secured farm! Suddenly Dinga is caught by the Farmer and is been chased by him. You run as Dinga and escape from Angry Farmer. This is a never ending game with lots of obstacles on your w...

Jungle Dream

Once upon a time little Leo decides to make a journey to solve ancient secret about his family. The only one creature in all the jungles can help him with this - the Ancient Dragon, which lives deep in the jungles in the ruins of lost city. Help little Leo to finish his long jour...

Drunk Reflexes

You play the game on your cell! Test your reaction time and find out how fast you get soused. Whether solo or in two-player mode with a friend - take a chance and win a golden beer trophy! Have lots of fun with Drunk Reflexes!

Dragon Run

Help Wu The Dragon glide over the hills and beyond as you control his moves and work with the gravitation. Pick up all the coins and bonuses you can to make him stronger and bigger. Your aim is to get him to Jade Emperor’s Court before dawn. Here he will meet the ruler and his fa...

Real Rugby

Team-up with Jonny Wilkinson in the first real rugby simulation on mobile. Feel the intensity of rugby's greatest games and take your team to victory. Rugby has never been that easy! Master all the passages of play, from the maul to penalties to line-outs. Take part in all ...

Hamster Run

What is the fastest animal in the world? A hamster. This is the fastest hamster you’ve ever seen. It’s hiding in ‘Hamster Run’. Your task is to lead it as far as possible through the labyrinth. Watch out for obstacles and traps that lie in wait for the small critter.


Arrange Dreamland’s maze of clouds to shepherd Walker peacefully to Sunrise, while avoiding sleep-robbing Alarm Clocks, Early Birds, and Night Mares. Collect bonuses for using minimal time or actions. Enjoy 40 unique levels, hours of play, two bonus games, and a rich soundtrack. ...