Gnomes Garden Christmas

All the people of Gnomeland were preparing for a double celebration - Christmas alongside the triumphant coronation of the princess. Preparations marched on day and night in the castle courtyard. A troll lived nearby, and the constant sawing and hammering disturbed his rest. Angered, he and his henchmen stole the Christmas tree. The old gnome Elvenar brought this news to the princess while she was sipping lemonade and redesigning the landscape to make it look more Christmassy.
  • vendor: 8floor games ltd
    • Android 7.0 (Nougat) / v1.0 [PREMIUM] (1920x1080)
    • size: 93.4MB

Christmas Present

Christmas is soon, and we have many gifts for you! Candies? A new toy or perhaps new running shoes? Open boxes with gifts and search for what you wanted for free! All wishes can come true in this magical time in Christmas Present mobile game!

Christmas Crash

A group of christmas balls have rebelled and they are trying to boycot the christmas celebrations. The only one that can stop this is Santa, but he needs your help. Do you want to form a part of this fun christmas adventure?

Christmas Memo Hard Gordana

Memo is a pure fun and highly addictive skill game, which challenges the power of your memory. Match two same cards on screen and unlock rather attractive pictures. Different difficulty levels will provide you with hours of fun and challenges.

Christmas Frenzy

Love Christmas? Love gifts? We have got the perfect gift for you this season. Play christmas frenzy and collect gifts in this new fun game. Great Christmas game for you to enjoy during the holidays.

Gomoku Christmas

This fascinating board game will remind you of the upcoming holidays. Your task is to sequentially put five stones in one of eight directions, and thus win. The game consists of two stages and has six levels of difficulty, that is why the task is not so easy. Do not waste your ti...

Christmas Forest

Move through the Forrest by jumping from branch to branch, or by crawling on lianas. Stay away from the Forrest inhabitants. To pass to the next you have to gather all the lost gifts (the amount left to be collected is shownon the screen above) or throw the snowballs at the enemy...

Christmas Slideshow Hard Renata

Christmas Slideshow Hard Gordana

Christmas Memo Hard Sanja

Sanja is beautiful, her body is incredible and you can have a great time with her. All you need to do is play this Christmas Memo, remember some cards, put them together and your celebration can start. Because this time of year is full of surprises, Mrs. Santa made some sexy pres...