Gold Miner Vegas

The classic is back, but this time in Vegas! Get into some gold digging action by following the gold miner and his journey through Hawaii, Australia and Vegas, to save his niece Julie. The old classic gameplay of gold digging and gold mining, now with new themes, more levels, more items and more things to mine. This time around you are even gonna be able to move around with the mine cart. Pick your favorite character, upgrade them and become the ultimate gold digger. Follow the footsteps of the gold miner on his journey from Australia to Hawaii, and then back to Vegas to see his niece Julie. Meet brand new characters, go to various locations with all different gold mines. What would the point to go to Vegas be without some fun? Global leaderboards are back too. So go out there and compete against the other gold diggers.
  • vendor: SENSPARK CO., LTD
    • Android 8.1 (Oreo MR1) / v1.1.94 [PREMIUM] (1920x1080)
    • size: 59.3MB

Gold Miner Joe

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