Grow Spaceship VIP

New concept idle + Shooting game [Shooting game + Growth idle game]. Feeling the nostalgia of retro shooting games, destroy enemy ships. Strengthen and expand weapons to create a stronger fleet.
  • vendor: PixelStar Games
    • Android 9.0 (Pie) / v3.8 [VIP] (1920x1080)
    • size: 34.4MB

Deep Space

DEEP SPACE - a new hardcore-endless Sci-fi platformer, which generates randomized levels on the go! Each new level will be brand new! You are a member of the eTeam, which controls the safety of scientific space stations. If there is a virus contamination and everyone got infected...

7th Space

After a crazy shipwreck in seventh space, Lea has to overcome traps, guardians and creatures in a jail complex that keeps the natives of 7th space imprissoned. It won't be a simple task, but the bravest of them all shall succeed.

Dead Space

This stunning vision of the Dead Space franchise reproduces the cinematic horror of the console game with rich effects and atmospheric lighting. Experience the hardcore gameplay as you struggle to survive the Necromorph onslaught in 6 varied environments. Access the Plasma Saw a...

Zombies in Space

You play an alien aboard a spacecraft of unknown origin, fully intent on staging a takeover. There's just one problem: ZOMBIES. Not that you know what zombies are, but a few nanoseconds of close proximity are enough to confirm that they're a hostile breed, and they'...

Battle Space

Live you dream fantasy of controlling a plane in space and destroying objects to survive. Sound fun? Yes it is! We present to you a brand new game of space battle which will pump your adrenaline by crossing endless boundaries of space.

Space Grunts

"Space Grunts combines fast paced arcade action with turn-based gameplay. The year 2476, Earth’s space-federation has been building moon-bases across the galaxy. One of the newer moon-bases has been sending out distress signals.. You play as one of the Space Grunts, a team o...

Refreshing Grocers

Download Refreshing Grocers for free on your mobile phone.

Spaceman Sumo

Is there any life on planet Mars? Spaceman Sumo is the only person strong enough, heavy enough and brave enough to explore and examine the surroundings of planet Mars. Help him to move in space pushing from one rock to another. And find at last those damned elusive martians.

Pirate Ship Battles

Discover a pirate-filled adventure that combines classic ship battle gameplay with a thrilling quest across the Caribbean ? navigate through islands, battling pirates with up to 12 different fearsome fleets with special skills. Includes 14 characters, special AI controlled pirate...