Iron Ninja

Be a ninja superhero and prove yourself in this ADS FREE exciting running game. This is no task for ordinary men because you have to jump from one building to another at supersonic speed. Cross the city using your super iron ninja suit, use the rope to swing and gather coins for the propulsion system and take off. Unlock new iron ninja suits with new super-powers, challenge yourself to see how far can you take the game, earn achievements and compete with your friends. Enjoy all the awesome features of the best super hero game on the market.
  • vendor: BrainFreeze
    • Android 9.0 (Pie) / v1.0.2 [NO ADS] (1920x1080)
    • size: 62.2MB

99 Ninjas

Fight with the fastest Ninja and set off on a thrilling quest of vengeance in the funniest action game ever made for mobile! Attack using shurikens and swords and use ninja magic to escape dangerous situations. Will you become the last of the 99 Ninjas?

Monster Ninja

Monster Ninja is a classic Monster cutting game. How many times can you slice these monsters? Cut the evil and dangerous monsters. As so on you complete the level find more fun and interest in this game and lot of more.

Chef Ninja

Ingredients juggling through the air, ninja slicing skills needed! Customers need to be served quickly and also love to see the entertainment. So grab a knife and do your job! Get all the trophies in each game mode and be the best! Also new types of bonuses await!

Farm Ninja

You play as a fruit ninja! Or maybe you are a vegetable ninja? It does not make any difference, the idea of the game is the same. Cut fruits and vegetables on the screen! Enjoy this game, it offers saturated graphics.

Candy Ninja

Meet the world’s first Candy Ninja! This extraordinary warrior has been trained to destroy any and all sweets that would stand in his way. Witness the sugarcoated madness ensue, as cookies and candy meet the sharp sword of our hero. Be warned however, for this game only seems swe...

Pizza Ninja

The heat is on in the Pizzeria kitchen as the orders are stacking up! Master Chef Maro must chop up the ingredients as fast as he possibly can as the orders come in thicker and faster! It’s time to grab a pizza the action! Play in Infinite Mode where the orders whizz in at an inc...

Fruit Ninja

Světový hit Fruit Ninja je nyní k dispozici pro telefony Nokia C7, N8, C6 a E7! Fruit Ninja je šťavnatá akční hra, se kterou zažijete skutečný ovocný masakr! Užijte si ničení, při kterém se vám budou sbíhat sliny. Přejetím prstu po displeji roztínejte ovoce jako skutečný bojovník...

Mini Ninjas

Hiro, the young ninjia, tries to save the world from the army of Warlord, a cruel samurai, who aspires to enslave all people. Hiro will have to head the troop of his true ninjias and to perform a fascinating adventure in the Fortress of Destruction to ruin the plans of artful War...