Jet Ski Venice

Imagine you are a member of the jet set. The sun is beating down, and what better place to cool off than Venice? The well heeled and well keeled meet by the shore and you take to the water in you potent Jet Ski. A dream? No! Microforum turns it into reality. All you need to fire your reality is a mobile phone and “Jet Ski Venice”!
  • vendor: Microforum
    • Nokia 3220 / 6020 / 6230 (128x128)
    • size: 55.4kB
    • Nokia 6680 / 6681 / 6682 / 7650 / 3250 (176x208)
    • size: 156.3kB
    • Motorola T720 (120x160)
    • size: 58.3kB

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