Kids Farm Puzzle

Let your kids enter the farm with all of its cute inhabitants! What awaits them is an exciting experience of puzzle solving. The puzzles present the farm animals in various lively situations that will bring a smile to your child´s face. These puzzles will not only entertain but also educate. So let them solve those puzzles!
  • vendor: Inlogic Software
    • Android 7.1 (Nougat MR1) / v1.0.3 (1920x1080)
    • size: 18.3MB

Kids Zoo Puzzle

The jigsaw pictures of cute animals in various situations are ready again! Let your children play and develop their cognitive skills, fine motor skills, patience and their ability to focus. And one more thing... you don't have to tide up!

Slide Puzzle

Slide Puzzle is a brand-new mobile Java puzzle game with high resolution puzzle images, smooth gameplay and fully supportive of touch screen. Slide the pieces on the board and place the tiles in order. You will find the life on your screen. Slide Puzzle consists of a frame of squ...

X-Mas Puzzle

This bright New Year’s game having a simple and captivating gameplay is dedicated to winter holidays!

San Fermin Puzzle

Experience the most famous bullfighting in Spain: San Fermin. The most spectacular bull, the most impressive and caught the best environment. This puzzle will delight fans of the bulls, an original way to experience the San Fermin festival.

Puzzle Fit

Puzzle Fit - place the parts of the puzzle in the correct order and fill all free space. Try to complete all available levels maximum fast and earn many stars.

Santas Puzzle Party

Swap Christmas decorations. Three identical disappear and you are given extra time. In this case, you can change not only horizontally and vertically, but diagonally. It makes the game much easier.

Puzzle Paradise

Pit your wits against Puzzle Paradise, the definitive puzzle collection on Mobile. Discover paradise and strike gold and glory on an exotic island filled with thrilling challenges. Guide intrepid explorer Max through compelling and instantly-recognisable puzzles against a backdro...

Fish Puzzle

Form rectangular areas and launch blocks at the shapes approaching you from the right. The current block is shown in the left side bar. The bottom bar displays the following blocks and the score. The game is over when one of the areas on the right reaches the left side of the dis...

Poly Puzzle