Lost Artifacts

Set off with Claire on an adventure through the uncharted continent of the casual strategy game Lost Artifact. For a long time, Claire worked as a historian and archeologist in a prominent university. When she chose her course in life she thought she'd be searching for ancient treasure, but instead ended up spending all her time reading. Then one day Claire noticed a peculiar coincidence. Had she really uncovered a treasure map of the ancient Tonauak people? So without a second thought, she left in search of the treasure. She had been waiting for so long and couldn’t miss her chance.
  • vendor: 8floor games ltd
    • Android 9.0 (Pie) / v4.4 [PREMIUM] (1920x1080)
    • size: 77.5MB

Lost Artifacts: Soulstone

After the Soulstone is stolen during an auction in the national museum, Claire and her loyal helpers witnessed the revival of the terracotta army and its Emperor. The Emperor wishes to take over the world by awakening a dragon from the crater of a volcano, but our heroes have oth...

Lost Artifacts: Time Machine

A mysterious villain is using a time machine to destroy everything in his path. He wants to return the Priest, the King of Atlantis and the Ancient Emperor so he can use them to create a new world order! Claire and her friends must find out who the villain is and stop him and all...

Lost Artifacts: Golden Island

Claire and her team are in trouble again. Their airplane flew into a terrible storm and crashed on an uninhabited island in the middle of the ocean. When they woke up, our heroes went out in search of help. After wandering a while, Claire found a village of atlanteans and offered...

Lost Fates

Welcome again to Vietnam! The game is more difficult than the fate of a man, after Vietnam war. Lost Fates its a classical action platformer in pixel style about Vietnam war. The game tells about the usual guy who went through Vietnam war. But can not forget this ... Flashback vi...

Artefact of Glory 3D

John Richards,an adventurer and expert in antiquities, discovers a laboratory with a collection of ancient subjects in the mansion inherited by him from his uncle. Even more exciting find is waiting for him in the cellar of the lab - a time machine and a map specifying the locati...

Fart Machine

Funny app with farting sounds.

Master of Rogues: The Seven Artifacts

Master of Rogues - The Seven Artifacts is a Dungeon-Crawler, Roguelike-like RPG. Every Game is different, with randomized Levels, enemies, three different characters and over 130 Unique Items to find. Can you find all the seven artifacts?

Martial Arts 3D

Martial Arts 3D is nothing short of a rough and dirty street fighting game, where only the strongest and most skilled survive! In front of a blood thirsty audience in full packed arenas world wide, you have to fight evil and ruthless opponents trained in full contact martial arts...

Lost Tommy

Tommy the dog is lost. Help him find his home and collect bones along the way in this exciting platform game that is fun for all ages.