Macaronis Adventure

Macaroni the Penguin is forced to undertake a journey as his home is destroyed by men due to global warming, so he is forced to take cover in the dangerous world of human, where he fights dangerous sharks just for his survival.
  • vendor: Lunch Time Games
    • Android 9.0 (Pie) / v0.00.02 [PRO VERSION] (1920x1080)
    • size: 37.8MB

Cars Adventures

Choose your car and direction to start your adventure. Overcome obstacles by collecting magic items and unlock the unique talent of each vehicle. Car Adventures is a 3D app for small children and their parents! State-of-the-art technologies for your kids to control.

Mahjong Adventure

Start off your Mahjong journey in this classic oriental solitaire puzzle game! The rules are simple, you just remove matching pieces from the board until you fulfil the goal. If you are fast enough, you will receive medals and tools to help you!

Amy's Adventure

The Museum of Egypt is about to cause a sensation! In the countryside of one the pyramids people get back their youth! A young archaeologist Amanda Goldberg was given a task to open this mystery of power over the time. At first she will have to try herself in intricate puzzles fi...

Hero Adventures

Hero Adventures is super fun horse riding game with exiting challenges. Supper addictive game play, just avoid hurdles by jumping over them and shoot enemies.

Avatar Adventure

The adventures of a funny creature. Collect all the items at the level to go to the next one. Many traps and enemies will not give you to complete the adventure peacefully. Help the Space Alien master over a dozen levels in this clever twist of an arcade classic.

Dewy's Adventure

Dewy’s Adventure takes you to an enchanted fantasy world. In this unique adventure you’re the master of the elements! Help Dewy, a brave little water droplet, rescue his friends - the Eaus - who have been kidnapped by the evil Don Hedron. By controlling the temperature, players c...

Mojo's Adventure

Mojo Adventure - the main character's sister was kidnapped. Your task is to help a young samurai find the tracks of villains and find their location. Move along the locations, find evidence and rescue a little girl.

Monkey Adventure

First ever so addictive hidden object app to hit the Android market. Monkey Adventures is a classic hidden-object game optimized perfectly for your Android devices. The puzzled monkey has lost bananas and needs your help in finding them. You’ll enjoy the striking, professional g...

Sonic Runners Adventure

Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends are back in a brand-new runner! Relive his supersonic adventures as you jump, dash and fly through exciting platforming levels. Unlock new characters including Tails, Knuckles and more, each with their own unique abilities you can power up. Save...