Marching Order

Take charge of an adorable (but disorderly) animal marching band in this addictive logic puzzle game! You play as a stressed-out band leader rabbit whose job it is to organise the fussy marching band members into the correct sequence. Each animal has a particular condition that has to be met before they'll be happy. How do we know what it is? Asking them directly? No! By checking their social media, of course. What a society we live in.
  • vendor: SFB Games
    • Android 9.0 (Pie) / v1.0.43 (1920x1080)
    • size: 16.7MB

Arcade Fishing

You are Nepo the fisherman. Show the world how good you are at fishing in the search of the Orange fish. But beware, the deep sea is inhabited by more than cute fish! The game takes you on to sunrise, day and night fishing challenges over 12 different levels. If you’re really goo...

March of Heroes

Jump into the Cold War’s most terrible conflicts in this exciting and over-the-top shooter game. Enjoy fast-paced action and stunning graphics through 9 chapters set across the globe from Vietnam and Saigon to the Afghan mountains. Play as two special ops soldiers and take down e...

Word Search

Word Search in English is a "free" game for the whole family where you will have to find the hidden words in the letter boards. Ideal for older people who want to practice the language, vocabulary and train their brain.

Fishing Master 2

This is the continuous version of Fishing Master, which follows style and color of the first one. But Fishing Master 2 added more fish sort. The main theme of Fishing Master 2 is also fishing, but pleasant surprise is waiting here. Which one is more excellent? Fishing Master or 2...

Daring Horse

"Daring Horse" Game is a small clever Horse who likes adventures so he came to a little forest. But he does not know that forest has some dangerous plants, stones and other things. Help Horse to collect gold coins and gold stars to complete his adventure trip.

Fart Machine

Funny app with farting sounds.

Rushing Xmas

Xmas is coming. Santa is on his way, singing happily on his new motor-sleigh. He is so careless, forgot to tie the present bag, the presents dropped all over. That is too bad! What could he do? Please help him to get the presents back!

Chillingham Manor

An innovative puzzler featuring 45 challenging levels of color and symbol matching.Simple to play but highly engaging and replayable. Mr. Brightside, a rookie exorcist, is set to prove his mettle through various absorbing levels, take on the evil elites - a zombie, a wicked witch...

Anarchy Boxing 3D

In this rough 3D boxing game you will have to fight your way up. Challenge as many as 30 ruthless boxers, with unique styles and skills! Block, jab, hook and punch! Explode in killer combos to K.O. your opponent! Beware of each fighter's special secret punch! This ring is no...