Flagship team of the Magicbirds make painstaking efforts to create the game,which will bring you to the Tianjin where the martial art masters like a hundred flowers in bloom and military forces infighting. When the situation is turbulent,hit a world with your fists! The winner of the best action movie award of the 52nd Taiwan Golden Horse Award,and the best screenwriter of Hong Kong Film Awards-Xu Haofeng directed the film The Master ,which best actor winner of Berlin International Film Festival Liao Fan, best actor winner of Golden Rooster Hundred Flowers Film Festival Song Jia,and best actress Jiang Wenli stared.Using the same IP, our mobile game is shocking the market!
  • vendor: Magic Birds US Info, and Tech, Limited Inc
    • Android 2.2.3 / v2.0.2 (1920x1080)
    • size: 96.7MB

Egg Master

This time we have brought a fabulous endless game Egg Master, jump nest to nest and get power wings to fly high n high. Enjoy the attractive graphics and forget everything else. LETS SEE HOW HIGH YOU CAN REACH?

7x7 Master

Colorful tiles are crowding the board! Your task is to move them around to form lines to make them disappear. Better think twice how you move them, because position is what matters! You don't want to waste your boosters like “undo“ or “move anywhere“, do you? Build combos, b...


Do you have what it takes to crack the code? Stretch your mind with the fantastic mobile version of the multi-million selling board game! Multiple difficulty levels, 6 fun board styles and a variety of opponents make this classic code cracking action! Play a quick game or challen...

Tech Master


Chessmaster: can you outsmart the Master? Enjoy the world's best-selling chess game, available at last for your mobile phone!

Word Masters

Welcome to Word Masters, a great version of the traditional board word puzzle! Scrabble your 7 letters for the best word you can create! Then place them on the 15x15 tile board. Try to boost your score by placing letters on the special Double Letter, Double Word, Triple Letter an...

Masterman 3D

The year 2105. The Chaos era lasts for more than 60 years. Global turmoil has reached an unprecedented level; they have involved the whole population of the Earth. In the countries that are not the members of NATO, people began living right in bomb shelters out of fear. Suffering...

Dash Masters

The rules are simple. Tap to jump in alternate directions. Swipe up to perform a Dash. Get ready for a true adrenaline rush in this frantic game with dozens of action-packed missions! Fight your way through waves of spiky bots, turrets and moving platforms to the top of the alien...

Archery Master

Archery Master simulates real bow and arrow game in 3D and 2D. Intuitive controls, realistic physics make this game one of the best Archery games on mobile.