Mayamon 2: Winter Adventure

Mayamon the funny creature keep his journey to bring back peace to the world. He needs you to help him run and jump through the fantastical villages of Mayamon's World. Be careful, though. This place is full of beastly monsters, and they'll do everything they can to stop you.
  • vendor: Mooo! Mobile Games Lab
    • Android 8.0 (Oreo) / v1.0 (1920x1080)
    • size: 46.2MB

Vikings: Winter Adventure

Salty wind fills the clothing of fighting ships, people from the north are sailing to the new shores for prey and glory. Join the brotherhood of knights of ax and sword help the Vikings squad, thrown on the enemy’s shore by the shipwreck, return home. Feel the taste of victory.

Arcadius: Winter Adventure

If you haven't met Arcadius yet, now is your chance! Once again, Arcadius returns with a brand new and exciting adventure remaining true to the classic match-3 puzzle.

Moomin Adventures

Everybody has read a book about adventures of Moomin and his friends. This remarkable quest is just about it. In interesting and absorbing game "Moomin Adventures: Moominpappa disappears" intended for every age you are to help the family of Moomin to solve the great num...

Monkey Adventure

First ever so addictive hidden object app to hit the Android market. Monkey Adventures is a classic hidden-object game optimized perfectly for your Android devices. The puzzled monkey has lost bananas and needs your help in finding them. You’ll enjoy the striking, professional g...

Mahjong Adventure

Start off your Mahjong journey in this classic oriental solitaire puzzle game! The rules are simple, you just remove matching pieces from the board until you fulfil the goal. If you are fast enough, you will receive medals and tools to help you!

Monkey Adventures

Ad-free Full version. Mr. Monkey is on a critical mission on a planet 100 light years away from earth. The mission is tough but Mr.Monkey will do anything for 3 bananas. Help Mr. Monkey to eat bananas and land safely.

Aladdin 2: The New Adventures

The game is based on the animated film series of the same name. The main purpose of Aladdin in this game is to kill the Vizier, who kidnapped the princess Jasmine, Aladdin and he loves. But to get to the vizier, Aladdin must kill all other enemies in the game.

3D Adventure 2

The goal of your mission is find and turn off "The controller" main computer, which controls all enemy robots. Tip: To use a key card or to use first aid, stand in front of a first aid pack or door locker and press asterix (*).

Adventures of Tin 2

Meet the continuation of the adventures of the guy whose name is Tin! This young man is going to cover a dangerous way - through dungeons full of traps, palaces with the latest alarm system and poisonous spiders and races along the road with busy traffic!