Memo Creatures

Only the bravest explorers are welcome to this adventure! The darkest dungeons and their dwellers are waiting to test your courage and quickness! Are you strong enough to face the scariest creatures? Okay, just kidding, they are quite cute. But tricky. Very tricky! Creatures hide in the depths of a dungeon in pairs so you have to use your memory skills and get them both at once! There are 2 game modes available - choose what suits you best - with a time limit or by the number of moves. Go as far as possible and meet even more new creatures! The complete lack of advertising - nothing will prevent you from learning all the secrets of the dungeons.
  • vendor: Mad Cat Solutions
    • Android 8.0 (Oreo) / v1 (1920x1080)
    • size: 78.4MB

Spore Creatures

YOUR SPORE CREATURES ARE BACK & MORE EVOLVED THAN EVER! This innovative sequel to the award-winning Spore Origins has emerged from the ooze & onto solid ground. Pick up where you left off in an all-new game designed exclusively for your mobile device. Attack or befriend o...

Nightmare Creatures

Since childhood, your nights have been shaken by gruesome nightmares. Something lays dormant deep within you, prompting you – this evening – to go out into the streets of Prague. And now is the moment that a sorcerer has chosen to unleash his creatures on the city. Hordes of mons...

Doodle Creatures HD

What happens if you combine an elephant with a flamingo? In Doodle Creatures you can find out as you create hundreds of fantastic and unique Creatures by combining different animals. Play Doctor and scan hundreds of animals DNA which allows you to combine different animal traits ...

Nemo’s Great Adventure

Nemo’s Great Adventure, is a great physics based game in which you must help our Friendly clown fish maneuver his way through treacherous Under-water Canyons filled with deadly creatures at every turn.

Moto Extreme

Moto Extreme is one of the best bike racing game. Race and have fun with many exciting levels. It has many Amazing and Crazy tracks where you can enjoy fast moto racing. It has Realistic and eye-catching graphics which provides you with the best motorcycle game experience. Your g...

Three Cats: Home Adventures

The game is suitable for children. Colorful interface and intuitive gameplay, allowing you to enjoy your favorite characters of the animated series based on the "Three Cat" CTC.

Real Retro Games II

Real Retro Games II is the compilation of the best games from the most popular console of the 1990s, Brick Games. Once upon a time when there weren't any smartphones, one pocket computer game of blocks made millions of fans around the world. This small plastic game console w...

Match Ventures

Explore the dungeons of Cliffmont Castle in this unique new match-3 adventure! Traverse huge levels and overcome dozens of obstacles as you search the depths for valuable items to help rebuild the castle that was ravaged by the dark dragon master Dragor. Fight off enemies, explor...

Turbo ATV Arena

Remarkable game about races on ATV. Motorcycles jump, roar and skip on potholes! There are 10 tests in the game, each has the unique rules!