Monkey Dash 2

Baby Monkey lost its way in large forest and finding her mom! Mr. Corn finds this cute Monkey and became friends and it has a special power like it can add rocket power up to it and move faster anywhere in the forest except water! You take the control and get into the very adventurous endless ride by avoiding obstacles and you can collect bananas which makes you stronger which in turn gain your special power bullets to shoot tribes. This forest is composed of lots of beautiful environments which you will come across in your ride of journey. You can either avoid tribes OR shoot them with your special power bullets. Simple controls with the unique patterned designed levels which thrills you at every moment during your game play. It is the popular side scroll monkey game and naughty adventurous game.
  • vendor: Mobi2Fun
    • Nokia 5200 / 6101 (128x160)
    • size: 91.3kB
    • Nokia 6280 / 6300 (240x320)
    • size: 157.5kB
    • Nokia X3-02 / Asha 500 / 501 (240x320)
    • size: 177.7kB
    • Nokia Asha 305 / 308 / 311 (240x400)
    • size: 199.2kB
    • Nokia C3-00 / E61 / E71 (320x240)
    • size: 161.2kB
    • Nokia N70 (176x208)
    • size: 114.3kB
    • Samsung GT-E2232 / E2252 (128x160)
    • size: 89.0kB
    • Samsung SGH-X820 (220x176)
    • size: 113.6kB
    • Samsung SGH-E900 / D900 / D600 (240x320)
    • size: 157.5kB
    • Samsung SGH-F480 / GT-S3650 Corby (240x320)
    • size: 175.0kB
    • Samsung GT-S5230 (240x400)
    • size: 199.2kB
    • Samsung GT-S3353 (320x240)
    • size: 161.2kB
    • Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) / v1.0.0 (1920x1080)
    • size: 7.2MB
    • LG KE970 (240x320)
    • size: 157.5kB
    • LG KS360 (240x320)
    • size: 174.7kB

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