Nut Nut

Nut Nut is a funny endless runner that looks like a 1930s cartoon. Play as Nut Nut, a cute little squirrel looking for nuts in a enchanted fore.. BANG! Oh fudge, Here's Big Bad Wolf. Run, jump and get nuts but watch out for the nutcases in the woods that buzz, chirp or thwack. The more nuts you get, the more nuts it will get!
  • vendor: Ilkan Kilic
    • Android 8.0 (Oreo) / v1.0.1 (1920x1080)
    • size: 46.2MB

Donut Run

Did you have a hard day at work or in school? How about treating yourself some tasty, tasty donuts! In this classical match-3 game you have to combine as many of these delicacies as possible, to earn plenty of extra points. Before each round you can buy mighty boosters that help ...

Going Nuts 2

Everyone's favorite thrill seeking flying squirrel is back!! Going Nuts 2 is the official sequel to the original smash hit Going Nuts! All new spiffy graphics, new environments, new powerups, and most importantly... EVEN. MORE. NUTS.

Putt-Putt Golf

The Official Putt-Putt Mini-Golf game is here! Packed with over 50 insanely addictive fun holes and 3 environments, this game is a Hole-In-One! Pick from any of the 4 characters to play through some wacky challenges including moving obstacles, slopes, warps, and water hazards. Pr...

Fruit Cut Ninja

You are a Fruit Ninja on a tropical island. Cut through local juicy colorful fruits in this arcade action game. Slice them right on you screen and enjoy the squischy and splatty fruit explosion! Unlock new power-ups and make the best fruit salad on this island!

Shoot Out

ShootOut, a First Person Shooter 3D Mobile Game that takes the gamer to Metropolitan City , where the key locations of metropolitan city are under seize by the Gangsters! Higher Officials appointed a Assassin to clear the Gangsters and save the citizens. Assassin should kill al...

Rubiks Numbolution

As sudoku sweeps across the globe, tightening its stranglehold on commuters, Carol Vorderman and millions of people's DSs, numerous other pretenders to the crown have popped up, all vying to be called the Next Big Casual Mathematical Thing. As a puzzle game with a strong til...

MTV Girls Night Out

You are one of the chosen ones to be taken to the haunted locations and left all alone to brave the dead. With no crew, no phones and no connections with the outside world.

Fruit Ninja

Světový hit Fruit Ninja je nyní k dispozici pro telefony Nokia C7, N8, C6 a E7! Fruit Ninja je šťavnatá akční hra, se kterou zažijete skutečný ovocný masakr! Užijte si ničení, při kterém se vám budou sbíhat sliny. Přejetím prstu po displeji roztínejte ovoce jako skutečný bojovník...

Fruit Cutter

Slice Fruits and enjoy the fruit juice. GamePlay is very addictive and simple to play.