Scorcher is the all-new blazing-fast infinite racer from Radiangames, creator of Inferno 2 and Super Crossfighter. Pilot your Scorcher through treacherous twists and turns as your ship steadily increases in speed until you're in the zone and your reflexes take over to keep you alive as long as possible.
  • vendor: Radiangames
    • Android 9.0 (Pie) / v1.1 (1920x1080)
    • size: 84.5MB

The Archer

Shoot with precision. Pierce the arrows accurately to your foes. The Archer is an apt game that puts your archery skills to the ultimate test. Each level gives a new challenge.


Our speedy hero dashes at breakneck speed through a wondrous terrain of doodles, facing gaping holes in the road and treacherous, looming obstacles that he can only avoid with the help of your quick draw skills! Use your pencil to fill in the smooth ramps and clever jumps that w...


A super-dynamic casual arcade game runner! Find out the run adventures of Super cow! The evil professor duriarti has escaped from the prison and captured the farm in Sunny valley! Now he is creating an army of full clones from innocent animals! Only a fit supercow can stop him!

Shadow Archer

Shadow Archer is a tense shooting game where the intention is to shoot an apple from the head of the standing man and of course avoiding any unnecessary carnage.... With levels carefully designed Shadow Archer will need to overcome all hurdles and use the correct physics to get ...

Archery Master

Archery Master simulates real bow and arrow game in 3D and 2D. Intuitive controls, realistic physics make this game one of the best Archery games on mobile.

Marching Order

Take charge of an adorable (but disorderly) animal marching band in this addictive logic puzzle game! You play as a stressed-out band leader rabbit whose job it is to organise the fussy marching band members into the correct sequence. Each animal has a particular condition that h...

Archery Royale

In Archery Royale Pro, aim and shoot and prove yourself as a best archer. Test your skills and play in one of the most competitive archery-games ever. There are variety of levels with different features and shooting challenges. Start shooting today by playing Archery Royale Pro! ...

Archery Addict

Perfect simple archery game is here to play! Make high score by shooting target board with bow and arrow, use your skills while targeting since this game has real physics mechanism. You will be given twenty arrows and use all of them and try to target to the center of the board t...

March of Heroes

Jump into the Cold War’s most terrible conflicts in this exciting and over-the-top shooter game. Enjoy fast-paced action and stunning graphics through 9 chapters set across the globe from Vietnam and Saigon to the Afghan mountains. Play as two special ops soldiers and take down e...