Spitkiss is a colorful and true one finger platformer that lets you enter into the lovely world of the Spitkissers, tiny creatures that communicate through body fluids and emojis. With an innovative swipe to jump mechanic, Spitkiss throws out virtual buttons and other tropes of classic platformers.
  • vendor: Playdius Entertainment
    • Android 9.0 (Pie) / v1.225 (1920x1080)
    • size: 66.6MB

Spin It!

This is a revolutionary game in the brain twisters world. Turn the sphere in order to put three and more balls of the same color together. You have time limits to make a turn, so you need to take fast decisions.


CrossPix provides the finest puzzle entertainment on mobile! CrossPix contains over 135 puzzles which when completed reveal a hidden picture! CrossPix by Glu - the new puzzle phenomenon!

Spy Mission

Are you ready to go on a dangerous and secret adventure deep into the darkness, a world full of no surprises? If so, be ready to meet face to face with creatures that could not even dream of you in the worst nightmares... Nobody can help you, nobody will come to your cry... Only ...

Screen Kiss

You were invited to a popular TV show. But you are going to get a kiss of a hot beauty instead of money! Take part in a mobile version of the well known online game and maybe you will be the luckiest!

Disco Kisses

You’re one lucky guy at the Disco! These three extremely beautiful girls on the second floor in the bar seem to have noticed your great moves on the dance floor and starts throwing kisses at you. Catch them all, and who knows where it might lead...

Kissing Test

Once you have started Kissing Test, please enter your name. Now you will be asked to press your lips on the screen, so the scan can begin. In the following analysis and evaluations, using complex algorithms, you finally find out what a type of kisser you are. Have fun.


A hyper realistic moshpit simulator. Flying bodies and testosterone fills the screen in this aggressive dancing game. Mosh for your life to Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Punk Rock, Black Metal, Grindcore, Hardcore, and more. Be the last man standing at every show, and prepare to mee...

Kissing Frenzy

How successful are you with the ladies? Of course, you are extremely successful! But can you actually prove it? Face the challenge to demonstrate your kissing skills in this heart-throbbing do-or-die challenge! Try to kiss as many beauties sitting by the windows as possible while...