Main character, Gwyn Demian heard news that there is treasure, which he looked for, in residence that became waste place with firing few years ago and went there. But there was the shadow of death, But the more he tried to live, the more drastic situations for him.
  • vendor: TabomSoft
    • Android 8.0 (Oreo) / v1.0.6 (1920x1080)
    • size: 53.6MB


You awake Stranded on the shore of a mysterious island, your lifeboat smashed, and surrounded by other survivors. Explore the island to discover its hidden secrets, adventures and inhabitants in one of the most captivating and epic mobile games ever created. Try playing at differ...

Emily the Strange

Help Emily race on her skateboards through 36 strange levels. Visit Paris, Moscow, London and New York together!

Tangram Master

Tangram is a free challenging logic puzzle that stimulates brain activity. Form a given shape without overlapping the pieces! Relaxing logic puzzles that challenge your mind. Collect stars and unlock achievements! Tangram is a free challenging logic puzzle that stimulates brain a...

Flip Range

Flip Range is a game with elements of parkour and acrobatics, in which you have to perform more than 70 combinations of tricks from various buildings, horizontal bar or on a plane. Learn new tricks, improve the strength of the jump and the speed of rotation in the air, and become...

Joe Danger

Wear the cape of the World’s Most Determined Stuntman, and take your trusty motorbike on a wild ride from zero to hero! Race, ride and defy death as you jump buses, dodge giant mousetraps, leap tanks full of sharks and reclaim your title of Master of Disaster! Swipe Joe to pop a ...

Boomerang Trail

Follow the kangaroo spirit through the Australian wilderness, along your trail to enlightenment and learn the ancient aboriginal art of Rang throwing. A wonderfully simple throwing mechanic will allow you to quickly become skilled at throwing Boomerangs, Splitterangs and Kaboomer...

Danger Dash

Are you an adventurer? Push your speed to the limit & escape from evil tigers in exotic settings! Run, dodge obstacles & collect Artefacts, unlock levels & new characters! Track your ranking & leave all your friends in the dust!

Danger Mouse

Baron Greenback came back and again Dangerous Mouse, the best secret agent in the world and his loyal but timid friend named Ernest Penu tackle the problem to stop the treacherous baron and interfere with his evil plans before it is too late.

Danny Danger

Take the plunge and dive into a danger-filled ocean in this action packed arcade adventure! Introducing an all new game hero – Danny Danger! Every day Danny must dive ever deeper to earn cash. Avoid or destroy deadly perils from mines, electric eels and killer sharks! Use the cas...