Subway Dash

Enter the railway! Run as far as you possibly can, evade obstacles of the railway and finish all the achievements in an everchanging and gradually more difficult level design! Collect coins and use them to upgrade your collectible power up capabilities. Challenge your skills and beat your highscore!
  • vendor: Inlogic Software
    • Nokia 5800 Xpress Music (360x640)
    • size: 408.4kB
    • Nokia N70 (176x208)
    • size: 206.7kB
    • Nokia 6280 / 6300 (240x320)
    • size: 252.8kB
    • Nokia C3-00 / 6790 (320x240)
    • size: 252.8kB
    • Nokia Asha 305 / 308 / 311 (240x400)
    • size: 253.2kB
    • Nokia Asha 500 / 501 (240x320)
    • size: 253.2kB
    • Nokia C1-01 (128x160)
    • size: 180.5kB
    • Nokia X3-02 (240x320)
    • size: 253.2kB
    • SonyEricsson Aino (240x432)
    • size: 251.1kB
    • SonyEricsson W200i / K500i (128x160)
    • size: 180.4kB
    • SonyEricsson W810i / K750i / K700i (176x220)
    • size: 197.3kB
    • SonyEricsson K800i (240x320)
    • size: 251.1kB
    • SonyEricsson SATIO (360x640)
    • size: 415.3kB
    • SonyEricsson X1i (480x800)
    • size: 493.2kB
    • Motorola E1000 / A910 (240x320)
    • size: 250.0kB
    • Motorola RAZR V3 / V360 (176x220)
    • size: 185.3kB
    • Samsung SGH-D600 / E900 (240x320)
    • size: 251.4kB
    • Samsung SGH-F480 (240x320)
    • size: 250.4kB
    • Samsung SGH-J600 / GT-B2100 (128x160)
    • size: 180.1kB
    • Samsung GT-S5230 / M8800 (240x400)
    • size: 251.5kB
    • Samsung SGH-Z500 / L700 (176x220)
    • size: 206.6kB
    • Android 2.3.0-2 / v1.0.5 (1920x1080)
    • size: 14.1MB
    • LG KE970 (240x320)
    • size: 250.1kB
    • LG KU990 / KM900 (240x400)
    • size: 251.4kB
    • LG U8360 / U8130 / GM205 (176x220)
    • size: 206.0kB
    • BlackBerry 8220 (240x320)
    • size: 211.7kB
    • BlackBerry 8320 / 8520 (320x240)
    • size: 168.4kB

Subway Rush

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