Sudo Zoo

Sudoku with animals from Zoo.
  • vendor: Mobile-Gamer Ltd
    • Sudo Zoo (s40v2) (128x128)
    • size: 67.9kB
    • Sudo Zoo (s40v3) (208x208)
    • size: 79.6kB
    • Sudo Zoo (s40v3a) (240x320)
    • size: 93.8kB
    • Sudo Zoo (128x128)
    • size: 61.3kB

Pango Zoo

Your child would love to play with animals but you don’t want an elephant in your living room? With Pango Zoo, it is now possible to discover the most fascinating and interactive zoo in the world!


Sudoku for free on your mobile phone.

My Zoo

Build your own zoo. Improve all the structures - cages, souvenir shops, places of entertainment. To buy improvements you have to complete little logical arcade; align several animals. With every new improvement you will have to make even more lines of animals!


An extraordinary and exciting Sudoku on mobile like never before. Choose from 9 different game modes. Immerse yourself into a relaxing round of Sudoku, Kakuro, Picture Sudoku and a lot more. The glamorous and trendy design and the user friendly controls enable you to fully concen...


Sudopix, the absolutely must-have new puzzle game! Hack each line and each column of your grid, then fill in the right cells to reveal the drawing hidden inside. Simple, you think? Try it then. Sudopix offers no less than 90 grids to solve and as many drawings to be discovered. A...

Zoo Pip

The goal of the game is to pile up cards in one of the four playing cells in any order to gain 21 points, or to pile up 5 cards with the total value of points less than 21. In any of these events the field gets cleared. If you get a surplus, the cell gets locked for 3-5 clearance...

Kids Zoo Day

Let your kids play and relax. The jigsaw pictures of cute animals in various situations are ready! Take a break while your children develop their cognitive skills, fine motor skills, patience and their ability to focus. Or play with them!

Zoo Quiz

Time to show off your animal knowledge! How many of them do you know? Can you spell the names correctly? Dozens of animals are waiting for you. Mammals, dogs, cats, fish, insects and much more! It's harder than you think! But don't worry, you can still use the elegant h...

ZOO Town

Exercise your brain in the various houses of your little zoo. Combine three identical animals to get a new one and proceed in combining. Hundreds of thoughtful moves await! Get the highest animal and progress to the next house with new elements and playfields. Your aim is to get ...