Super Mario

This game isn't official Mario game. Its some mod from moders.
  • vendor: Lerex
    • Super Mario (s40v3a) (240x320)
    • size: 51.3kB
    • Super Mario (s40v3) (208x208)
    • size: 155.4kB

Super Mario Planet

Super Mario Planet is not just a simple emulation of the game and not one of the many clones to a trite subject. Everything has changed – vivid rich colours, modern engine, and well-thought gameplay. What is more, the world's most famous plumber has changed the occupation! H...

Super Trivia

Super Miners

This is a fascinating arcade game, its heroes examine dungeons in order to find treasures. You are going to visit lots of dungeons together with miss Rusty and doctor Drill hunting for adventures and treasures! Examine mines and underground labyrinths, extract precious stones… Th...

Rio Super Soccer

In RIO SUPER SOCCER you are part of the best professional teams in the world and you must be ingenious to win the Cup. Accumulate energy and impress the fans with incredible kicks, tricky passes, super shoots and many GOALS! But be careful with the obstacles, they can blow you up...

Super Drop Mania

Gameplay might seem easy at first sight, but it is not like that. It will engross you and make you addicted to this game. Here you will need to collect multicolored elements. This wonderful puzzle will brighten your free time.

Super Dog

An action packed platform game starring an all new action hero – SUPER DOG! Play the cute canine crusader as he helps his friends out of sticky situations in this fun filled caper! NB Product features dependent on handset

Super Tom

Inside everyone's heart, there is always such a hero: when the world is fallen in darkness, the one come out boldly, fights obstacles and difficulties, and conveys light and hope. Super Tom is such a scenario, it’s fascinating! - Jhonny Q GET READY, GET SET, RUN!! You can ru...

Super Batsman

Super Batsman is a great looking and action packed cricket game for your mobile. You play as the batsman, read the deliveries and react with speed and skill to score as many runs as possible. Avoid the bouncers, leave the wides and smash the short balls for boundaries to prove yo...


Collect keys to open the doors, gobble up goodies, and clear the maze. Chomp a Power Pellet to snap up the Ghosts or eat a Super Pellet to become the super-sized, super-fast Super PAC-MAN. Discover what's the next meal in the PAC-MAN menu. If you manage to avoid dangers, ope...