Super Miners

This is a fascinating arcade game, its heroes examine dungeons in order to find treasures. You are going to visit lots of dungeons together with miss Rusty and doctor Drill hunting for adventures and treasures! Examine mines and underground labyrinths, extract precious stones… The game offers more than 100 levels, bright beautiful graphics, shades, blasts, fire particles, smoke, sparks, excellent sound effects. Choose a preferable game mode – for one player or multiplayer mode, which offers to contact your friends through GPRS.
  • vendor: Infinite Dreams
    • Super Miners 360x640 SymbianOS N8 (360x640)
    • size: 1.3MB
    • SuperMiners 320x240 SymbianOS9.x (320x240)
    • size: 1.0MB
    • SuperMiners 240x320 SymbianOS9.x (240x320)
    • size: 1.0MB

Super Mario

This game isn't official Mario game. Its some mod from moders.

Super Slyder

This is really crazy sliding action! In every level, try to roll the globated Slyder to the exit. But when he starts rolling he can not stop and rolls until the next wall - or rushes headlong towards ruin. Therefore think carefully of each move! The more levels you complete the m...

SuperStar Diving

Diving appeared at the beginning of 1200s in Sweden and was one of the protection ways from Viking attacks. Diving as sports was asseverated in Olympic games and since then the competition became more severe, trainings more difficult and victory became more hard to get! This is t...

Super Dog

An action packed platform game starring an all new action hero – SUPER DOG! Play the cute canine crusader as he helps his friends out of sticky situations in this fun filled caper! NB Product features dependent on handset

Mad Miner

Mad Miner is a new kind of Match-3 Puzzle game, mixing game mechanics. Mad Miner combines tactic and speed to offer a brand new kind of gameplay.

Super Tom

Inside everyone's heart, there is always such a hero: when the world is fallen in darkness, the one come out boldly, fights obstacles and difficulties, and conveys light and hope. Super Tom is such a scenario, it’s fascinating! - Jhonny Q GET READY, GET SET, RUN!! You can ru...

Candy Super Lines

A typical Candy Crush type game, score points and proceed to next level.

Super Pool

Pull the stick, aim, hold your breath, strike! Super pool is a turn based billiard game with many levels with strategic ball placements. How acute is your aim? Super pool brings out the best of strike tactics from you.

Quiz Machine: Super Soccer

Take part in a fascinating soccer quiz! The game consists of 5 rounds each having 10 questions connected to soccer topic. There is also a bonus round for the cleverest!