The Climb

The Climb is a point and click adventure where you command a red-coated climber in his quest into a strange ice world. Move lifts, control doors, levers and boxes to figure out a way to the top!We developed The Climb to train your ability to solve logical problems by exploring this mysterious mountain.
  • vendor: Mental Lab
    • Android 9.0 (Pie) / v1.0 (1920x1080)
    • size: 51.9MB

The Club

Welcome to The Club. Behind the scenes of day to day life affluent individuals gather in secret to compete in the most ferocious sport on the planet. Based on the hit new series from SEGA, players take control of one of the combatants as they delve into and survive the untamed an...


Climb! A Mountain in Your Pocket, a challenging game about climbing a mountain with an easy to learn, hard to master control.

Fiete Math Climber

Mental arithmetic is fun! In this math game, your children make visible progress. With each correctly solved task, Fiete jumps further up the stairs and collects coins. Your children can then use the coins to unlock other cute characters. A motivating math app that has your child...

The Crow

Dark roofs of faceless houses, dullness of rain, gray weekdays. He appears under the veil of the night. He is full with power and thirsty for revenge, he is – invincible, he is – the Crow! If you remember and love the legendary movie «the Crow» where the main role was brilliantly...

Climbing Hero

Let’s celebrate love and affection on this Valentine season with an action packed game Climbing Hero. Your beloved is waiting for you at the top of the mountain and her bodyguards are there to stop you. You have no choice other than climbing the hard rock mountain; let’s begin cl...

Monkey Pole Climb

Get to the very top of bamboo with monkeys in this unique adventure-logic game! This is quite easy and at the same time difficult: use colorful balloons and with the help of them get to the top before time is up.

The Light

This game is a DevsGo Festival Award Winner in a ‘Best Game’ and ‘Best Sound’ categories. A charming story and a physical arcade in one game? Yes, it’s possible, it’s right in front of you! Welcome to a mysterious world, someone's inner world. Alex’s diary will not leave you...

The Crows

The Crows is a family with an ancient working tradition as gravediggers. Unfortunately the rate of deaths is very low in Rottenville, thats why Judas, the head of the family and smart entrepreneur, decides to contact Death (the Grim reaper), his loyal and oldest travel companion....

The Sims 2

Play the top-selling PC game! Bring your phone to life with The Sims 2! Create a Sim, then explore and customize their world! Socialize with other Sims, push them to extremes and shape their future!